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Vehicle Diagnostics in Universal City, TX

Vehicle Diagnostics

At Larson’s Automotive, we understand the importance of regular diagnostic tests for your vehicle in Universal City, TX. Our professional technicians offer comprehensive car diagnostic services for vehicles of all scales, ensuring your safety on the road.

What is a Car Diagnostic Service?

A car diagnostic test involves a complete evaluation and analysis of your car using specialized software. By utilizing microchips, built-in processors, and sensors within the vehicle, this test helps identify the root cause of engine-related issues. Gone are the days of manual disassembly and lengthy troubleshooting. With a car diagnostic test, problems with your vehicle’s engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, oil tank, accelerator, and other components can be easily detected.

What’s Included in a Car Diagnostic Test?

During a car diagnostic test, our technicians check various parts of your vehicle, including brakes, transmission, exhaust system, and engine. Additionally, we examine components such as the fuel injector, ignition coils, airflow and coolant systems, and throttle. By thoroughly evaluating these areas, we can identify any potential issues and provide the necessary solutions.

What Can a Car Diagnostic Test Detect?

A car diagnostic test assesses four major aspects of your vehicle. For example:

Emission Levels: The test determines the health of your exhaust system and assesses the emissions levels to ensure environmental friendliness.

Illuminated Lights: If a dashboard light is flashing, it indicates a potential issue with the powertrain control module (PCM). Identifying the problem early on allows for prompt repairs and prevents further complications.

Idle Speed Stress: The diagnostic test detects abnormalities in your car’s engine speed, whether it’s operating too slowly, too quickly, or experiencing halting. It also identifies engine vacuum leaks that can impact performance.

Transmission Problems: By conducting a diagnostic test, we can uncover any minor transmission issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Addressing these problems early on helps prevent costly transmission repairs in the future.

How Often Should You Get a Car Diagnostic Test?

If you notice any unusual sounds, changes in vehicle performance, or handling issues, it’s crucial to have a car diagnostic test performed by a trained mechanic. Even if the check engine light is not illuminated, minor issues can escalate if left unattended. To ensure all components are operating as they should, we recommend getting a car diagnostic test at least once a year.

How Long Does a Car Diagnostic Test Take?

A car diagnostic test typically takes less than an hour. By utilizing advanced software and diagnostic tools, our technicians can efficiently troubleshoot and pinpoint the source of the problem. This not only saves time but also helps prevent further complications and expensive repairs down the road.

What Are Diagnostic Trouble Codes?

Diagnostic trouble codes, also known as OBD-II codes, are standardized codes that are generated when a malfunction is detected in a system. These codes provide valuable information about specific areas of your vehicle. Body codes (beginning with “B”) relate to the passenger compartment, chassis codes (beginning with “C”) encompass mechanical systems, powertrain codes (beginning with “P”) refer to engine and drivetrain components, and vehicle network codes (beginning with “U”) cover wiring and integration systems.

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When you need a top-class diagnostic test for your car, Larson’s Automotive is here to help. With our dedicated service, we have been faithfully serving the San Antonio community since 2016. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running smoothly and provide efficient maintenance services to avoid costly repairs. Whether you require simple maintenance or complex repairs, our certified technicians are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our loyal customers.

Contact us today to book your diagnostic test appointment and experience our exceptional service. Give up searching for “car diagnostic near me,” in Universal City, TX and trust us here at Larson’s Automotive to get it done!

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