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Mickey Thompson Tires in Canyon Lake, TX

Mickey Thompson Tires

Every vehicle owner dreams of making their car fun and functional. This can be done when you have the best-quality wheels or tires installed on your Jeep or off-road truck. Larson’s Automotive has every branded tire available for every type of vehicle. Mickey Thompson is one of them.

Below, we will highlight some key components of Mickey Thompson Tires and their benefits.

All About the Mickey Thompson Brand

It all starts with a racing legend named Mickey Thompson. He was a racing icon best known for drag racing and road racing, and he was the first American to drive faster than 397 miles/h. He came up with the idea of manufacturing tires that could match his need for speed. This included heavy-duty vehicles, terrains and 4×4 off-roading vehicles. He started his brand to deliver the best riding experience to the racing lover.

Over the years, Mickey Thompson has always been an Enthusiast Brand. He manufactured his tires to WIN and built them from necessity. The brand continues to hold Mickey’s values and unceasing drive for faster and better. Now his brand is available in almost 16 countries, including Canada, the USA, Taiwan, New Zealand and more.

Different Types of Tires

Where the rubber meets the blacktop, tires are key to keeping your vehicle rolling, and they can be classified as follows:

Summer Tires

Summer tires generally have good contact patches, sufficient circumferential grooves to prevent hydroplaning, and little to no siping. In warmer areas, they are perfect for performance automobiles. Additionally, summer tires aren’t manufactured for all seasons and are only intended to perform well in warm climates.

All Season Tires

An all-season touring tire with the highest level of comfort is available. Because they provide exceptional grip in all-weather situations and provide smooth highway driving, this is how all-season tires get their name. They often include circumferential grooves for wet weather traction and an uneven tread pattern.

There are two main kinds of all-season tires: touring tires and passenger tires.

  • All-season touring tires: Quieter and more maneuverable
  • All-season passenger tires—More durable and a smoother ride

Benefits of Mickey Thompson Tires

Great efficiency

Enhanced riding experience

Super-effective terrains

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