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Belts & Hoses Service in Live Oak, TX

Belts & Hoses Service

There are two important types of belts in your vehicle, which are your timing belts and serpentine belts. Timing belts are vital for your engine to start and function as it transfers the power from the camshaft to power the crankshaft; if this belt were to break, your engine would immediately stop working. Serpentine belts are often called drive belts and power different components within your vehicle like the radiator, power steering pump, A/C compressor, alternator, and more.

Hoses play another vital part in your vehicle’s efficiency. Types of hoses are fuel hoses, brake hoses, coolant/radiator hoses, power steering hoses, and heater hoses. Hoses are essential for transferring coolant and other fluids through your vehicle to prevent things like overheating, power loss, poor braking ability, and more.

The signs you need a belt replacement are:
• The engine is steaming.
• A/C failure.
• The feeling of something catching, vibrating, or slipping while driving.
• Check engine lights or other dashboard lights turn on.
• Leaks from your vehicle like brake fluid, coolant, fuel, etc.

We have the tools and equipment to find any fluid leaks or significant belt wear and tear as well as diagnose if you have any hoses or belts that need replacing in Live Oak, TX. Trust our technicians to get the job done right. Contact us today!

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