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General Tires

About General Tire

General Tire was formed in 1915 by William F. O’Neill (“W.O.”) and his partner Winfred E. Fouse. When the duo began producing tires, there were over 300 tire manufacturing companies in the game. O’Neill chose to focus on quality tires for the replacement market rather than the original equipment market (O.E.). This resulted in the creation of the General Jumbo tire.

Quality is still very important to General Tire. The company provides a comprehensive line of high-quality car, delivery van, SUV, off-road, and truck tires. The General Tire R&D Team carries on the brand’s previous advancements with Duragen, 3D Sipe, and Monitor Technology.

Types of Tires Offered by General Tire

General Tire offers a wide selection of tires made for different terrains, seasons, and vehicles, including passenger, performance, SUV and light truck tires.


The AltiMAX TM 365 AW is an all-season touring tire for passenger automobiles and crossovers. This tire features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for extreme winter conditions, allowing drivers to travel on a single set of tires all year.

  • Best-in-class overall performance
  • Driving in all-weather situations with confidence
  • Performance on dry and wet roads is balanced
  • Excellent traction in dense snow

Technologies & Features:

  • Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI)
  • 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake


The UltiMAX Arctic12 is a studdable winter tire for passenger cars and crossovers. Developed with innovative compound and tread pattern technologies for superior traction on wet, snow and ice-covered roads. This tire carries the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe winter conditions.


  • Excellent grip in low temperatures
  • Reliable braking on wet, snow or ice-covered roads
  • Superb steering response and dry handling
  • Long-lasting tread wear

General HD 2

Low rolling resistance provides an advanced tread composition for maximum fuel economy.

Core Specifications

  • Technologically advanced tread compound contributes to low rolling resistance for optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Improved footprint delivers significant wear improvements for increased removal miles. More than 50% mileage improvement.
  • Shoulder and de-coupler groove modifications add enhanced durability for resistance to cuts and tears.
  • The casing platform delivers optimal performance and maximum.

General HS 2

Tire for long/short haul, highway tandem drive axle. This improved closed-shoulder drive tire provides outstanding mileage while maintaining maximum traction and fuel efficiency.

Core Specifications

  • New advanced tread compound provides improved mileage and durability.
  • Low rolling resistance for great maximized fuel economy.
  • 28/32” tread depth for extended tire life.
  • Closed shoulder tread design provides even tread wear and enhanced wet traction.
  • Patented innovative groove technology leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life.

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Larson’s Automotive in New Braunfels, TX offers a complete quality line-up of tires from the General Tire brand to meet every driver’s needs. From the ultra-high performance all-season G-MAX AS-05 to the quiet and comfortable ride of the AltiMAX RT43 to the extreme terrain performance of the Grabber X3 all-terrain tire, General has a tire that will help get you where you need to go and provide durability, comfort and performance.

Larson’s Automotive is proud to provide as many different tire options as possible to our customers. If you are looking to find the right tire for your vehicle and driving habits, look no further than Larson’s Automotive in New Braunfels, TX. You can shop our selection of tires online using the tire finder tool or speak with a service advisor at your local Larson’s Automotive for help finding the appropriate tire for you.

We also offer a host of tire services, such as; tire changeovers, tire balancing, and off-season tire storage for those in need of a place to store their tires when they are not in use.

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