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Tire Protection Plan

Tire Protection Plan

Protect your tire investment against road hazards, potholes, nails, etc.

To better serve our clients, Larson’s Automotive offers this hassle-free Tire Protection Plan to remove the financial burden of unexpected tire repairs. This policy is optional and can be purchased for any tire purchased for a vehicle serviced by Larson’s Automotive. 

Details of Coverage

  • FREE flat repairs
  • FREE remounting and rebalancing of the repaired or replaced tires
  • FREE tire rotations every 5,000-mile (or oil-change intervals) with the purchase of 4 tires
  • Any cut, impact or penetration on a tire which is deemed repairable by Larson’s Automotive will be repaired, remounted (when applicable), and rebalanced by Larson’s Automotive at no cost to the client. 
  • Any cut, impact or penetration on a tire which is deemed un-repairable by Larson’s Automotive will be replaced at no cost with a comparable tire according to the following terms. 

Coverage Terms

Coverage is limited to the original selling price (maximum $399.99 per tire) or the replacement selling price, whichever is less. Coverage is 36 months or down to 2/32” treadwear, whichever comes first. 

  • The first year is 100% replacement. 
  • The second year is 50% replacement. 
  • The third year is 25% replacement.
  • Coverage ends when the tire is replaced or worn out (2/32” or less of tread remaining at any point on the tire). 
  • Policy is not transferrable to replacement tires. A tire protection policy may be purchased for any replacement tire at a cost based upon the tire’s current retail selling price. 
  • When a replacement tire is received, the client is responsible for the difference between the selling price and the amount of credit received for the damaged tire. Any applicable taxes and/or additional service rendered must be paid separately.
  • Any difference in tire prices due to the replacement of a damaged tire with a more expensive product is the responsibility of the client.
  • Any tire surrendered for credit will become the property of Larson’s Automotive.

Plan Exclusions

The policy does not cover the following:

  • Tires damaged due to improper inflation, overloading, accident, misapplication, misuse, fire or vandalism. 
  • Tires used off road, for racing, or showing signs of deliberate abuse. 
  • Loss of property other than the tire itself. 
  • Consequential damages such as but not limited to rims, tire pressure sensor, body damage, etc. 
  • Fleet vehicle tires or vehicles used for business purposes.

A comparable tire may be the same brand and type or in the event the tire is no longer available to Larson’s Automotive, a tire of the same basic construction will be substituted. 

Larson’s Automotive is a TechNet Professional Automotive Service Center, providing TechNet Road Hazard Tire Protection outside a 25-mile radius from Larson’s Automotive. Should you need assistance in the extended area, contact 1-866-588-0728 or visit technetprofessional.com to find the nearest TechNet Professional Automotive Service Center for Roadside Assistance and Road Hazard Tire Protection. 

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