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Power Steering Service in New Braunfels, TX

Power Steering Service

What is Power Steering Service?

Power steering is a system in your car that assists you in steering by using hydraulic pressure. It makes it easier for drivers to turn the steering wheel, especially in vehicles without manual steering. Proper maintenance of your power steering system is crucial to ensure safe and smooth driving.

Power steering service involves regular maintenance tasks to keep your system in optimal condition. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring fluid levels are adequate, and addressing any potential issues that may arise.

Understanding Hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic power steering is the most common type of power steering system used in vehicles. It has been in use for over fifty years and remains popular due to its effectiveness.

In this system, a hydraulic pump pressurizes fluid, which assists in turning the wheels. The pump is driven by a belt connected to the engine, providing the necessary power for steering. While this design is simple and reliable, it does have some drawbacks. The pump runs continuously, even when the vehicle is stationary or driving in a straight line, which can be inefficient.

The power steering fluid plays a crucial role in the hydraulic system. It uses hydraulic pressure to aid in steering and also lubricates various components such as the pump, pistons, valves, and hoses. Insufficient fluid can lead to hose drying and piston damage due to increased friction.

Tips for Power Steering Maintenance

To keep your power steering system in good condition, consider the following maintenance tips:

Regularly check your fluid level: Check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir on a regular basis. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the exact location of the reservoir. Ensure the fluid is within the recommended range. Low fluid levels may indicate a leak in the system that needs to be addressed promptly.

Replace the power steering filter: The power steering system contains a filter that helps remove debris and contaminants from the fluid. It is important to replace this filter annually to maintain clean fluid and prevent damage to the system.

Inspect the power steering pump: If you notice any signs of damage or unusual noises coming from the power steering pump, have it inspected by a professional. The pump is a critical component of the system, and any issues should be addressed promptly to avoid further damage.

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At Larson’s Automotive, we provide comprehensive power steering services in New Braunfels, TX to keep your vehicle’s steering system in optimal condition. Our experienced technicians will inspect your power steering system, address any issues, and perform necessary repairs or maintenance.

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