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Brake Service in Schertz, TX


When it comes to your vehicle, the brake system is not only crucial but also plays a significant role in ensuring your safety on the road. The brakes provide stability and security for both you and others sharing the road with you.

Don’t wait until you encounter issues to have your brakes checked at the nearest auto shop. Making an appointment as soon as you notice any problems can help you avoid additional time and money spent on repairs later. Regular brake inspections can even prevent serious injuries. Remember, prioritizing your safety is essential when it comes to your life.

Performing a Brake Inspection

To ensure your braking system is operating correctly, our experienced automotive technicians will carefully examine the entire system. Here’s what you can expect during a brake inspection:

Road Test

By taking your vehicle for a test drive, our professionals can observe any issues you may be experiencing. This allows them to assess the vehicle’s performance, including factors such as fuel efficiency, unusual sounds and smells. They will also check the brake lights during this test.

Visual Examination

During your visit to our auto shop, our technicians will inspect the engine area under the hood. They will also examine other areas such as power boosters, brake lines, master cylinders, combination valves, and vacuum hoses. Any leakages or damages will be thoroughly investigated to ensure your brake system’s integrity.

Brake Pedal Examination

Three essential aspects of the brake pedal will be checked:

Lift of the brake pedal: This measurement determines the distance from the brake pedal to the ground when the vehicle is at rest.

Brake pedal unlocking: The pedal needs to move a certain distance before the master cylinder applies brake pressure to the brakes.

Distance between the brake pedal: The reserve distance is the space between the brake pedal and the car’s floor when the brakes are applied.

Indications That Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Inspection

Pay attention to the following signs that may indicate the need for a brake inspection:

Dashboard Lights or Warnings: Your car’s brake light, ABS light, or engine light may illuminate to alert you of potential braking issues.

Brake Fluid Leak: Any brake fluid leakage requires immediate attention to prevent loss of brake control.

Modifications to the Brake Response: If it takes longer than usual for your car to slow down or stop, and you have to press the brake pedal further to apply more force, it’s a sign that your braking system may need inspection.

Weird Noises in the Car: Grinding, squeaking, squealing, or rattling noises could indicate brake pad and rotor issues. Hissing sounds may indicate brake fluid leakage or air in the brake lines. Knocking, clicking, or clunking noises can be signs of suspension problems.

Brake-Related Vibration or Shaking: If your car experiences vibration or shaking during braking, it may indicate deformed rotors. Additionally, a pulsating brake pedal during forceful stops may engage the ABS system.

How Often Should You Consider Brake Repair Services?

Brake inspections should be performed at least once a year. We also recommend referring to your vehicle’s manual for brake inspection or repair recommended timelines.

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